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Premier Partnership
A Premier Partnership »
Carolina is the only OpenSciEd Certified Partner that provides:
  • High-quality instructional materials from OpenSciEd
  • Materials and production expertise from Carolina
  • Dedicated support from one company
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Premier Partnership
OpenSciEd Approach »
  • Coherent storylines driven by students’ questions that arise from their interactions with phenomena
  • Scope and Sequence designed to meet the Next Generation Science Standards
  • Field-tested by hundreds of teachers and thousands of students across the US
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Premier Partnership
Carolina Certified Version »
  • Redesigned instructional materials that are easier to follow
  • Simplified investigations to reduce prep and instructional time
  • Improved materials enhance safety and accessibility, and are less expensive
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OpenSciEd's OER Middle School Science Program Earns “All-Green” Ratings from EdReports

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Carolina and OpenSciEd have partnered to make high-quality instructional materials even better.

Carolina’s expert scientists and science educators reengineered the OpenSciEd middle school units to provide an easier path to implementation while maintaining the standards for high-quality instructional materials. All enhancements are approved by OpenSciEd to preserve the storyline and instructional model for each unit.

Carolina Certified Versions offer:

  • Redesigned instructional materials that are easier to follow with a consistent design and lesson flow

  • Simplified investigations to reduce teacher prep and classroom instructional time 

  • Cost-effective kits with enough high-quality materials for 8 lab groups per class of 32 students

  • Fewer and/or less expensive materials to provide cost-effective kits

  • Tested lessons and materials to ensure safety, quality, and accuracy of investigations 

  • ADA compliance of instructional materials to support equity 

  • Certified Professional Learning to support implementation


Carolina Certified Versions include:


Flexible and all-inclusive options for complete kits, refurbishment materials, and individual components

Digital access to instructional materials is included for the teacher


Redesigned print versions of Teacher Editions and Student Resources


  • Class licenses allow for assignable content for students and reporting for teachers and administrators
  • Teacher access to digital resources is included with kit purchase

All instructional resources, including videos and simulations, are available in one place via Carolina Science Online

All-inclusive Packages

Complete unit packages include kits, print materials, and digital content, plus Certified Professional Learning

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Like any curriculum, OpenSciEd requires materials and support. When you partner with Carolina, you get everything you need for classroom success from a single trusted and reliable supplier.

High-quality instructional content from OpenSciEd.
Materials and production expertise from Carolina.
Dedicated service and support from Carolina.

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