Frequently Asked Questions

An essential tool used throughout the OpenSciEd units as a way to generate, keep track of, and revisit student questions that drive the investigation of the anchoring phenomenon and related phenomena. A visual representation of the class’s shared mission of learning in the unit and is a central support for the OpenSciEd Instructional Model.


  • Students are making sense of a phenomenon or problem, connecting each lesson across time and providing meaning during a lesson.
  • Units are based on a science storyline (Reiser, Novak & McGill, 2017), a coherent sequence of lessons where each step is driven by students’ questions that arise from their interactions with phenomena.
  • Students work through the classroom’s questions through science and engineering practices to figure out the unit’s phenomena or solve identified problems.

Carolina is the only Certified Distributor that provides:

  • Expert Development Team who customized the units to be easier, safer, and less expensive while maintaining the standards of HQIM.
  • Dedicated Sales and Service Teams to provide continuous support and professional learning from a trusted leader in K-12 science education.
  • Company-owned Production and Fulfillment Facilities to ensure your kits and materials arrive on-time, complete and accurate.

OpenSciEd created the high-quality instructional material and content. In order to perform the experiments for the framework, you will need hands-on kit materials, equipment, and supporting resources. Carolina lets you bundle and save. All inclusive units include kits, print and digital content, plus Professional Learning to support implementation. Contact us to learn more.


Carolina Science Online offers online resources to support Carolina’s hands-on labs and curricula. Our OpenSciEd kits include the Basic Digital package comprised of:

  • Teacher Edition eBook
  • Downloadable teaching slides
  • All teacher and student videos
  • All teacher and student resources such as teaching slides, handouts, readings, and assessments
  • Resources that are downloadable and editable

Yes! OpenSciEd Middle School components are available for sale on Use the OpenSciEd Components Catalog to look up component lists by unit, find item numbers, and pricing.