OpenSciEd: 6.3 Weather, Climate & Water Cycling 5-Class Refurbishment Set


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Grades 6–8. Many items in the 6.3 Weather, Climate & Water Cycling 5-Class Unit Kit, Carolina Certified Version* (item #523301U5), may be reused. This 5-Class Refurbishment Set, compatible with the Carolina Certified Version of the unit, replenishes kit items that cannot be reused or were consumed during instruction.

*All enhancements to materials and instruction for this Carolina Certified Version of the refurbishment set are approved by OpenSciEd to preserve the integrity of the storyline and the instructional model.

  • exclamation triangle icon WARNING: Choking Hazard


Shipping Information or Purchase Restrictions
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What’s Included:
  •  Bags, Plastic, Resealable
  •  Balloons
  •  Bubble Soap, Concentrated
  •  Food Coloring, Blue
  •  Food Coloring, Red
  •  Note Pad, Self-Adhesive, Large
  •  Note Pads, Self-Adhesive, Medium
  •  Paper, Waxed
  •  Pipets, 3 mL
  •  Rubber Bands
  •  Sand
  •  Sticker Dots
  •  Straws, Flexible
  •  Tape, Packing
  •  Tape, Transparent
  •  Twine
  •  Velcro® Hook Strip
  •  Velcro® Loop Strip
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